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Welcome to The Francis Group, where we offer sophisticated, personalized tax and accounting services tailored to your needs. Our team of highly qualified experts will guide you on an individualized journey toward preserving your assets for future generations. Whether your goal is to protect your wealth for your family or make a positive impact through charitable giving, we can help you achieve it.

Tax Compliance

Our team will handle all of your federal and state income, as well as estate and gift tax compliance needs, ensuring that you adhere to all laws and regulations. We prepare returns for individuals, fiduciaries, private foundations, and other entities used to preserve family wealth, such as family partnerships and S corporations.

Tax Compliance Services:
• Prepare Forms for Individuals (Form 1040, Children’s Returns and Form 709)
• Prepare Forms for Estates (Form 706 and Form 1041)
• Prepare Forms for Charitable Entities (990-PF, CRT and CLT)
• Prepare Forms for Fiduciary and Investment Entities (Form 1041, Form 1065 and Form 1120S)

Short-Term and Long-Term Planning

Our tax planning services include reviewing prior-year returns for available tax opportunities, creating long-term models for tax and estate planning ideas, and developing models to show the tax implications of upcoming income or asset transfer events. We will work with you to craft a customized plan that helps reduce risk and preserve your assets for the future, including creating charitable giving strategies where appropriate.

Planning Services:
• Review Prior-Year Returns for Untapped Tax Opportunities
• Create Long-Term Models (10-30 Years) for Tax and Estate Planning Possibilities
• Develop Models to Demonstrate the Outcomes of Income or Asset Transfer Events

Limited Family Office Services

When you need assistance organizing and documenting your tax and estate strategies, we are here to help. Our limited family office services include trust and estate summaries, family entity diagrams, and tax summary reports that help you to better understand your overall financial situation and make informed decisions about tax and estate planning. We’ll even coordinate with your advisors and save you the effort of endless back-and-forth.

Limited Family Office Services:
• Model Trust and Estate With Summaries and Flow Charts
• Design Family Wealth Organization Diagrams
• Capture Current Tax Situation and Assets With a Tax Snapshot Memo

Fiduciary Accounting

Trusts should never be treated like an afterthought. We provide support to busy fiduciaries that need clear numbers. Our team will collect income and expense documents for the year, enter the transactions, and produce informal or formal reports as needed.

Fiduciary Accounting Services:
• Review Third-Party Fiduciary Accounting Reports
• Gather and Organize Financial Information
• Create Formal and Informal Accounting Reports

Ashley of The Francis Group

Meet Ashley

At The Francis Group, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and delivering exceptional results for every client. With Ashley Francis, CPA’s background with Big 4 firms and working with families with over $500 million in assets, you can benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience. She is skilled at developing innovative, legally sound tax and estate planning solutions that align with your unique goals and needs.

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